Biodiversity Forum Newsletter Item Request + Arbor Day + Funding Workshops and Lee Reynolds Fund Open

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Biodiversity Forum Newsletter Item Request

Yes, it's time again for our quarterly forum newsletter! Please send in your newsletter items by the 18th of June for the Winter 2019 edition.

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Funding Workshops

Come to free workshops by local community funders. Topics include: funding tips, planning and preparation, what makes a successful application, budgeting, accountability, and alternative income sources.
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Len Reynolds Trust - Environment Funding Round Now Open
Closes 21 June 2019
This fund aims:
+ To increase water quality of our rivers;
+ To establish or maintain community gardens;
+ To restore the natural environment;
+ To preserve/increase native plants;
+ To reduce waste from landfill;
+ To increase the opportunities for people to enjoy the natural environment while protecting the natural environment at the same time

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