Vacancies for Environmental Education Facilitators at Waikato Regional Council

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We are looking for passionate individuals who are keen to support environmental education on a two year contract basis.

We have several Facilitator roles, as well as a Lead Facilitator role.

Do you have a passion for sustainable change? A desire to empower a new generation of young environment champions and sustainable leaders? Are you a strong community networker, and effective communicator? Do you enjoy supporting and mentoring peers? We are looking for new facilitators across the Waikato.

This work involves working with Enviroschools’ and Trees for Survival lead teachers, student envirogroups, and other members of school communities to assist each school to engage in a process of change towards more sustainable communities.

The role involves collaborating, and facilitating knowledge sharing with the group of facilitators working across the region, local territory authorities, community groups, and other environmental education providers. A significant component of planning, organisation, facilitation, mentoring and networking is key to achieving these aims.

The role has flexible working hours, opportunities for professional development and on-going team and coaching support to enable delivery of the programmes. The contract will be for two years, with an average of 20-30 working hours per week as managed by yourself.

For more information and to apply, head to our careers page!

Applications close 18 June 2019

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