Holding Conservation Week Events + Operation Tidy Fox

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Conservation Week this year is a celebration of 50 years of Conservation Weeks!

And more importantly a celebration of the work already done in conservation, the people and groups who have achieved big and little conservation gains over the years.

It is a great opportunity  to engage people with our biodiversity and inspire them to take action to conserve it.

If any forum members are considering holding an event in the near future, it would add to the impact of Conservation Week if the events can be arranged during conservation week.

There are resources available to publicise the events and link them into the wider national Conservation Week.

If you are keen to help spread the message during Conservation Week, the attached document has ideas and resources, as well as access to some beautiful artwork!

Conservation Week 2019 - Community Partners .pdf


Operation Tidy Fox is gaining momentum with more and more volunteers enrolling.

At the last count they had gone from 6-7 a day to 90 a day, which is fantastic.

They can use more though as there is a race against the weather, to get it cleaned up before the rains come.

If anyone would like to know more and how to volunteer, this article is very helpful, and includes a link to register.


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